Sunday, May 2, 2010

Project 365: Day 2 of 365

So for day 2, I decided to find a picture of my hair color because the picture I kept taking was not coming out right. So basically I just like my hair color more when I do it myself. My hair also feels better when I do it myself because I use a demi-permanent color. This time I used 28G-Golden Cappuccino.

Hope you all enjoy! See you tomorrow for day 3!


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Project 365: Day 1 of 365

Wow, so I totally decided to commit to Project 365! This is day one of 365! This will be tons of fun, and I hope you can all get to know me better through this! I encourage you all to start this project with me and leave me links to your blog so I can get to know you better also :)

So basically this photo represents my favorite food! I usually just eat this when there are birthday parties and gatherings. Today my fiance and I decided that we would buy the stuff to make it! This is a traditional Mexican dish and in my case this is a traditional, Mexican-American dish. All we did was buy thin steak and we soaked it in a lime based marinade for a few hours. We then grilled it, wrapped it in corn tortillas and enjoyed!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post :)


Project 365?

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to give you a little intro to my new blog project; Project 365!

Project 365 will consist of 1 picture a day for 365 days! Yes, I know, that is a full year! Hopefully I can keep up! Basically each picture will just have to be about me, or my life, or something that interests me! No limits. This is a way to really get creative while also updating my blog. I heard about this on twitter and so far I know of two other YouTube beauty guru's/bloggers: 0MsNaz0 and cutiegingerbread. Here is a link to 0MsNaz0's blog: Here is a link to cutiegingerbread's blog: Please check these two ladies out, they are amazing.

I hope you all enjoy and I hope that you do it too!