Thursday, August 19, 2010

My new baby!

Okay so this post has absolutely nothing to do with makeup or weight-loss or anything that I usually blog about.... But it is about my new baby.

My new baby is actually going to be a chihuahua. My fiance bred his family's chihuahua with a family friend's chihuahua. We are so excited because this dog is going to be like our baby as we have decided not to pursue a family for quite a long time. We both have plans to do things that having a real baby would interrupt or make near impossible to do. We both plan to finish college and travel a lot before even thinking of having a baby, and I will be in school for a long time as I plan on attending medical school.

So for now we will be having a chihuahua to fill spot where a child could be... Ha, well at least this baby I can carry in a purse like carrier :)

So this is the mom, she is a lot bigger than the dad with is my fiance's family dog:

And this is the dad, which is my fiance's family dog:
He is a lot smaller than the female dog, but I think they will make beautiful puppies and I can't wait to pick ours out. The puppies should be here at the beginning of September :) We are hoping to get a boy dog and we are going to name him Monte, short for Montezuma, which is the name of the 5th Aztec emperor. We just thought it was a cute name but were not sure if we will spell it Monte or Monty... I will keep you all posted and post picture of our new baby pup when we get him (or her if there are no hims) lol.