Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bikini Bootcamp!

Day 1 (03/23/10): So I'll be referring to "Bikini Bootcamp" as just "bootcamp". So for today we started off with an initial assessment. We did push ups, sit ups, wall sits, lunges, squats and jumping jacks. We would do each of these for a certain amount of time and count how many we could do within that time or how long we could last, for example, the wall sits. After each of these, we would each tell the instructor our time or numbers so she could write it down. We will do another assessment in two weeks. 

After doing the initial assessment we RAN STAIRS! These weren't your normal stairs, these were stadium stairs! Stadium stairs=endless and steep. Endless + Steep=DEATH (not really but close). Anyways after a long time of being the last one at the end of the line of stair running the bootcamp was finally over for the day, or at least I thought it was. After running stairs, we returned to the spot where we did our initial assessment. We then did things such as slight stretching as well as leg lifts and slight muscle toning. Finally it was over. 

After class I approached the instructor and asked if it was bad that I was the slowest straggler during the bootcamp. She replied with "You are not here to compete.  You are here for you."  This was inspired me to attend the next class. The only problem I have is that most (majority) of the people in the class really do not need the class to look great in a bikini. I definitely know that I won't be in a bikini by the end of this but I will be on a great track to a better me! Overall I feel really great about it and I can't wait to be a better me :)

Day 2 (03/25/10): I thought today would be horrible. After sitting around all day doing homework and watching movies for my snow day, I was realllllllly sore! I could barely walk down stairs (going up was the easy part). After waking up I could barely move. I stretched before a shower and the heat from the shower really loosened me up! I cannot believe I am this sore, and after two days.

In class today we just did a lot of cardio to get our hearts pumping before moving into toning and agility. We did a small part with some weights, in which we worked our arms (ahh those will be sore tomorrow). We also did a lot of leg lifts and such using our lower abdominal and glutes to do a lot of the work. We did a lot of jumps with lunges and squats. This bootcamp was very fun today because we had some music :) 

Overall, I really felt much better after today's class and I really feel like I can do this. I don't like that I sweat like a man though (not kidding). I feel alive after todays class. Maybe it's all of the endorphins making me a happier person! Wonderful, just wonderful! Tomorrow will definitely be a sore day but maybe not as bad as the rest of the days. 

I really think I am going to buy some meal replacement protein shakes for during the week. I have such a busy schedule that I don't really have time to eat anything healthy so I would much rather have a nice low-cal, super nutritious, protein shake to fill me up rather than eating junk filled with a gazillion calories! I also think I might go to target to buy some cute workout clothes! Excited :)

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