Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bikini Bootcamp (continued)!

Day 3 (03/30/10): Alright, so today seemed as if bootcamp slightly flew by! Since it was such a beautiful day outside today on campus, we did all of our activities outside :) Of course today we did some crazy stair running and hill running. We also did some dips on the stadium benches, running with a partner with the resistance of a stretchy band, and also some random squats and ab toning. I still couldn't keep up all the way though, but I think my endurance is getting better! I felt really great after class except for the pain in my left thigh. During the last couple of minutes of bootcamp we sprinted in groups of 3 and 4 for about 100 or 200 meters (or something like that, I'm not great with estimating my distances), and I pulled something in my thigh. But I always say, better my thigh than my groin, because I always would injure my groin in soccer and for me, it hurts 5x more! Hopefully it will stretch out by next bootcamp which is on Thursday. My instructor said that next class we will be doing more strength training and toning rather than doing cardio and agility. For now I will sit back and drink my Protein Zone Naked Juice Smoothie (which is rather chalky I might add) before I go take a shower and continue on to some homework :)

So my goal for the week is to really cut down on my food intake, maybe like cut out 1/3 of what I am eating now and really just stick with my snacking throughout the day. If you have any tips for me, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below :) I really need all the help I can get because I really want a bikini body by the time I go on my honeymoon (3-4years from now)!
Hope you all enjoyed reading this and I hope I have inspired you to start your own weight-loss journey! Let me know if you are on one of your own, and we can do this together :)

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